spandan disaster

A community can live an abuse free life if its surrounding ecosystem is abuse free and healthy enough to provide proper and adequate services. Therefore it is very much essential to care, protect and reduce interference to the ecosystem so as to get secured and sustainable livelihood. We facilitate programmes in our communities to develop absolute value of accountability to the ecosystem…the mother nature. We have made it mandatory in all our programs to look into the aspects of ecosystem and environmental impacts. A little action in this way can contribute to macro changes. The little way to start is by curbing bad habits/ practices. To us Ecosystem Management refers to the process that aims to conserve major ecological services and restore ‘natural resources’ while meeting the socio-economic, political and cultural needs of current and future generations.

We work to build the capacity of the local communities towards conservation of ecosystems and protection of bio-diversity. Restoration of ecosystem services (Provisioning, Regulating and Support services), management of natural resources including water, land and forest. Protected bio-diversity is the long term goal in all our target areas.

We are active with the coastal communities along Bay of Bengal in the State of Odisha and riverside communities along the river Mahandi and its tributaries, Chilika Lagoon and other wetlands and estuary areas. We also work on the issues affecting urban wetlands in the city of Puri.

We undertake following programs for this

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