While working for promotion of an ‘abuse free world’, we found the need to organize our learning and develop clientele oriented materials. These materials are resources for all, since these are based on our work experience and application in the field.

We work with the children directly in reducing risk of abuse. This helped us in the development of different modules for working with different age group of children. Our resources can be segregated in to two age groups 6 to 12 years and 13 to 18 years. For 6-12 years age groups our materials are developed in local Odiya and English languages. These resource materials include pictures and stories. We make these booklets available to the children in the communities and institutions where we are working. The materials can be used for facilitating interactive learning.

Followings are details :

For Children in the age group 6 to 12 years-

1) Am I safe? 2) How to keep protect myself from abuse 3) Safety & self Defense manual- way to respond 4) Games to learn about risk and responding risk For children in the age group 13 to 18 years-

  • 1) Am I safe?
  • 2) Responding abuse and protecting me and my close ones.
  • 3) Safety and Self Defense manual- way to respond
  • 4) Life skill building for me- what and how to learn
  • 5) My emission impact- go eco-friendly
  • 6) How can I contribute to protect my ecosystem and conservation work?

For parents –

    • 1) How to know that my child is safe
    • 2) Legal aspects – importance of evidence and few things about reporting a case of abuse
    These resources/ materials can be made available with a request to us. You can invite us for a ‘talk’ or ‘presentation’.


Spandan-Educating children
Spandan-Educating children
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