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Occurrence of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is getting rampant day by day worldwide. According to WHO, one in every four girls and one in every seven boys in the world are sexually abused. The State of Odisha is a hub for this issue in India. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) cases have been registered in the form of Child Sex Tourism, Abduction & Rape and lot many cases are filed on sexual abuse in the lure of fake marriage or employment in Odisha. Cases are coming equally from rural and urban set ups. We work for these vulnerable children.

The State has a lower status of women in the broader developmental indexes viz. Human Development Index (HDI) and even in Gender Empowerment Index (GEI). Women has been facing high degree of vulnerabilities in the form of sexual abuse/ sexual violence/ bigamy practice/ trafficking. The list further includes female feticide, negligence to girl child education, neglected health & services, restricted mobility, early marriage, wage discrimination, dowry/ family violence. We therefore also work on these issues which ultimately end with abuse of women.

We follow 4 P approach (Prevention, Promotion, Prosecution and Participation) to work on these issues in the issue affected communities in Odisha.

We facilitate basic education to the vulnerable through Child Support Centers.

We strive to provide long term Psycho-social support (as per the need), Life Skill building education and Safety & Self Defense (SSD) training to the survivors/ vulnerable children and young women survivors. In another approach we promote alternative income generation capacity of the family through vocational skill training.

We also work with local institutions (viz. schools, shelter homes, NGOs, tourism based traders etc.) for developing working policies to make it ‘Abuse Free’.

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