We work for development of safe and accountable communities. Through our work we facilitate communities to identify the elements at risks in the social as well as environment spheres. If there is exploitation of society in any form like on the children or the women, it will have environmental impacts. Similarly if there is exploitation of nature in any form by any activities, it will have direct impact on the society.

We as a learning organization, learned from our advisors, experts in our field-with whom we have worked and most importantly from the children and community for whom we are working.

Use of the some these materials of course based on the context. But we as a working policy of our Organization uses it to scan the community where we work.

Someof these materials are :

  • 1) Identify and map risks – use of several tools to understand the risk situation
  • 2) Know our ecosystems- my accountability
  • towards the restoration and conservation of my ecosystems.
  • 3) Disaster risk preparedness- check lists to face hazards
  • 4) Accountable community – safe children, safe family.
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