Spandan-Support us

As Donor/Partner

Our work could never be dreamed without the support from our Donor/ Partners. We are grateful to them for their generous support to the work. Here we acknowledge that these supports were never been ended with mere financial grants, rather we got advices and recommendations in sharpening our approach and strategies.

Their support helped us to work effectively and efficiently to achieve our goal. Our humble request to all the Donor Partners is to continue their support to us for the noble purpose.

Some of our institutional donors / partners are
  • Child Health Foundation, UK
  • UNHABITAT, Kenya
  • Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change/ CES, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
  • EQUATIONS, Bangalore, India
  • CARITAS/CRT, Goa, India
  • Baal Dan Charities, USA
  • OWG, UK
  • Wetlands International South Asia, New Delhi
  • NIRNAYA Women’s Fund, Hyderabad, India (Fellowship support)
  • SEEDS, New Delhi, India

As Advisor/Consultant

The Organization has gone through different phases of growth. We have seen ups & downs; challenges & pains in our pathways. Every time our Advisors helped us to move out from those challenges. They taught us how to turn weaknesses our strengths.
We are grateful to them for their trust, support and inspiration to us. This really made us alive and efficient enough to work to achieve our
Vision. We would like get your expert advice and consultation for building an abuse free world for all.

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