Disaster and Climate Change :

Children and women are the worst sufferer of Climate Change issues and Disaster. We work for those communities, who are facing the immediate challenges of Climate Change and Disaster; specifically issues related to water.

Our communities are facing climate challenges in various forms. These challenges are very often translated in the form of erratic rainfall, sea level rise, increased scale of cyclones/ floods, summers getting warmer etc. There is net effect in the primary livelihood and means of living for the communities like reduced agricultural production, reduced fishing, loss of biodiversity and water crisis. Beside cyclone and flood, our focus areas are also facing new hazards like urban flood and increased water logging issues.

We support in building resilience of the communities towards these issues beyond supporting emergence humanitarian relief and rehabilitation responses.

As part of resilience building process, we support to promote disaster proof and diversified livelihood options for the affected population. Some of the initiatives we supported are modern appliqué making, coir products, mushroom cultivation, mobile repairing and community-based eco-tourism. We facilitate other stakeholder’s participation in this process and build linkage with the Govt. and resource agencies.

We work with other network members to influence and initiate dialogue regarding disaster management at the policy and practice spheres.

We undertake following program for this