Governing Body

Sl.No Name of the person Nationality Occupation Designation in the Association
1 Mrs. Barsha Rani Mishra Indian Social worker Chairperson
2 Mrs. Kouri Rajuamma Indian Business and Social worker Trustee
3 Mr.Prakash Chandra Panda Indian Social worker Member
4 Ms. Durga Dey Indian Social worker Truestee
5 Mrs. Korupulu Anantalaxmi, Indian Business Member
6 Mrs. Padmabati Jena, Indian Social worker Member
7 Mrs. P. Ravanamma, Indian Business Member
Message from Executive Director

I would like to quote Gandhiji - “First they ignore you....., then they laugh at you......, then they fight with you....., then you win.....”.

The small work that SPANDAN started in the urban slum of Penthakotta in Puri town has now spread to similar other areas and communities across the State. We got small successes in our pathways...still a long way to go. .

I would like to convey my obligations and gratitude to all our friends, team members, co-workers and advisors for supporting the purpose..

I do agree that the pathways has remained difficult so far......and our mission is still filled with lots of challenges....but it has never prevented us from working in the would never prevent us in future also .

....let’s continue working with the same spirit, with the similar passion for the children, women and for the society.

And most importantly let’s keep in our mind that at least we in our own work, behaviour and attitude never give any space for abusing anyone....also not to tolerate the same for any child or woman surrounding us knowingly anymore.....let's be the change that we want to see.....

Mr.Saswata Mohapatra
Executive Director, SPANDAN


Spandan Trust

Bhudan Nagar, Penthokata.
Dist-Puri, Odisha-752003
Phone : +91-6752-250584