1. Responding Disasters ? relief and rehabilitation activities

Being a local Organisation we respond to hazards like cyclone, flood and fire accidents. This has been affecting our local communities. Loss has been occurred in terms of life, collapsing of houses, household assets loss and most importantly loss of livelihood. Communities lose their income generation avenues for days together even after the occurrence of the disasters. As a first phase of response we collect local resources and request support from individual and institutional donors for relief.

We have responded Phailin cyclone in 2013, Hud Hud cyclone in 2014 and recently urban flood in the outskirt of city of Puri in 2018. We have also been involved in rehabilitation of affected families as the next of respond in those communities.

2. Building resilience of the vulnerable communities
During the pre-disaster period we work for building capacity of the local communities in preparedness spheres. After conducting community based mapping of risk, we facilitate building systems and capacity of the community to face disasters. Early warning for flood and cyclone is one of the core spheres of our engagement with the communities. Besides prevention and mitigation measures we also help them to chalk out measures in the spheres of ?community readiness? and ?individual survivability?. Our team helps in trauma counseling of children in the aftermath of these disasters in our focus communities.

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